The Major Skill You Need To Be Successful as a Filmmaker is Listening Skills.

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Content, they say, is king. With a generation that spends a lot more time on the internet, what drives their engagement is content. It could be music, movies, comic skits, or simply text on blogs. In today’s interview on our “Job Description Series“, we will be speaking with one of the most amazing talents in the film/TV production industry, one of those marvelous individuals behind music videos that have gone viral on the internet. Let’s meet Ramon Azeez Olawale (Walex05).

Kindly tell us about yourself

My name is Ramon Azeez, I am a filmmaker, a cinematographer, an editor, producer, and a director. I am a content creator in short.

In which industry and organization do you work?

 I walk in a TV production organization or you can call it a Film-TV production organization.

What is your job description called in your organization?

Basically, my job description is to direct, shot, and edit music videos or TV productions. Any content that has to do with TV and Film production. It can be a movie, it might documentary, it might be an interview, music video, and anything that has to do with visual production.

How do you work? (talk us through your typical day in the office)?

For a music videos production, it usually does not start on the action. So when I’m working on a production, it starts from pre-production. So on a production week, for example, there are times that I wake up in the morning, brainstorm, create idea concepts, then trying to do a mood board for the concept, and then work through the process of production. I do this throughout the day without ever stepping out because, you know, the world is changing now right? Now, everybody works remotely.

So I get my team on a digital video meeting platform, speak to them about the concept and they will work things out. So on production day which is going to be a typical day, for example, I wake up in the morning, call the production crew, be it gaffer, production manager, set designer, costume/stylist, etc. brief them on the idea and get them on.

You check out everything if they are working perfectly and ready for the video shoot. Check also the set, ensuring that they are well built. You also check your camera angles, check every other piece of equipment you’re using for the shoot. After then, you call your artist to come onset. Once your artist arrives, you start shooting. Immediately after that, I copy my card, take it home and that is when I start my post-production process which is also something that I do myself. I start editing. First I arrange my footages by sections and then I start cutting, color grade, stylize, name the video, and then set it up for the preview, all in one day. So, sometimes, all production processes can actually happen in one day depending on the type of project at hand though.

If you are not working in this role today, in what other job roles do you think you can efficiently and effectively perform?

If I am not going to do film production, then I will do a cleaning service business. I own and run a cleaning service company that does cleaning for apartments. That’s something I can venture into fully if I am not doing film production.

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What are the additional skills necessary to succeed in your role?

I think the major skill anybody needs to be a film producer is the ability to listen to people, you don’t need any major skills, and all you need to do is listening. When people are giving you ideas, you have to be receptive, no man is an island of knowledge, and you must be ready to listen to people attentively at all times.

How well are you satisfied with the level of happiness you derive from your current role?

To be honest, I am extremely happy with what I am doing because asides from the fact that I make money, for me, it is something I enjoy doing. Right from the start, I have been a fan of music videos and other visual content. So, for me, filmmaking or producing and all actually makes me feel so good and the fact that I make money from what I do makes me extremely happy doing it.

The only thing I could say I’m not happy with is the way film budgeting is done in Nigeria. You know people tend to price you less when it comes to creative work. That is the only part that breaks my heart in this industry.

What is your advice to anyone who aspires to be a film/TV producer?

Well, my advice to anybody who wants s to venture into filmmaking like me, first is education. This is very important. Regardless of what you study in school, trust me, you can actually bring it into filmmaking. Be it Accounting, Business Administration, or Medicine. Whatever the course may be, you can perfectly fit into this industry. Just start today.

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