7 Ways To Get A Job In Lagos State, Nigeria

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In general term, getting a job is not a walkover because the atmosphere of career is highly competitive all over the world and LagosNigeria is not an exception.

1. Don’t just sit there!

A criterion for getting a job in Las gidi (Lagos) is to not be lazy. Like I stated earlier, everything in Lagos is aggressive, so if you’re sitting home and waiting for the job to come to you, I can confidently guarantee you that you are going to keep consuming garri for the rest of your adult life. Make never-ending copies of your CV and go round to firms and observe. Ensure you do that for no less than 5 companies per day. Its difficult work but statistically, if you do this consistently for one week, there’s a 97% possibility that you’ll get picked ,so don’t just sit down there, get off your arse and work!

2. Nothing is just too small

The goal is to get a job. Not win the lottery. Some of us can’t go for a 40,000 job, announcing itvs too small. You must start somewhere. A N40, 000 job in Lagos is typically worth twice that anywhere else. In addition, you’re utilizing the opportunity to obtain working experience which can be added to your resume. When the time comes for you to move on from that job, it’ll be infinitely less difficult for you to get a place with those jobs inquiring for 3, 5 and 10 years job experience.

However, starting small, no matter how small to keep you running is the main thing. Don’t be choosy. This does not mean that you simply will have to settle for a thoroughly unreasonable job with an unreasonable salary just because you need to start small. When I say unreasonable income, I mean income where your expenses (transport, feeding, and clothing) takes up everything and there’s hardly any profit left. Living in Lagos is not easy. Be wise, don’t be choosy, start now!

3. Hunt Newspapers

This is among the ways Lagos companies advertise their Vacancy positions. Reading newspapers everyday not only keeps you up-to-date in regards to the quandary and happenings in Nigeria but you might stumble into one of the crucial adverts for vacancy positions in Lagos. Newspapers like Punch, forefront, Tribune and others on the whole have vacancy positions publicized in them everyday.

4. Try The Internet

The Internet is now a store where you can get a job with only a click on of a button. You can Google jobs related to your specialization and apply for them. Troll websites like jiji and konga which assist corporations to promote vacancy positions. Maintain a copy of your CV online and also on hand to be sent with just a few clicks from your smartphone. The Internet is the modern day market now as firms seldom post vacancy notices in Newspapers anymore. It’s an excellent method to find jobs targeted to your specialization.

Examples of sites that may support this are:







5. Freelancing

Full time freelancing itself is a job on its own. If you’re excellent at writing articles, whatever genre they are, you’ll be well placed to land a job with a large organization and work FROM home. This is most commonly what everyone wants; working from the comfort of your mattress in your apartment. Freelancing gigs are surplus on the net and have 95% boost in the last 12 months.

Simply Google search “Write for cash in Lagos Nigeria” and you’ll be bombarded with lots of results and numerous opportunities to pick from. The beautiful aspect about freelancing is that sometimes you can negotiate your pay, there is no roof or limit on your earnings.

6. Be Ingenious, Be the hunted

Most of us wish to get a job with gigantic corporations like Mtn, shell, gtbank, and many others. The hard reality is that they will not come for you if you are sitting there waiting for them. What you have to do is to seize their awareness by doing something CREATIVE. That is a surefire method that you could employ to distinguish yourself from other graduates out there patrolling the streets going from place of business to corporations, searching for a job in Lagos.

A typical example of such creativity is Matthew Epstein who wanted a job with Google. He set up a website and named it Googlepleasehire.Me and he produced a video resume of himself where he listed all his attributes and the advantages he would be of to Google if he was hired. The video was in a position to attract massive attention, and within a few weeks and over 720,000 people visited his site to observe the video. The site later crashed but the deed had been done already. ABC news featured him and big businesses started searching him to work for them not only because of the publicity he acquired which would be wonderful for the company’s image but also the creative manner in which he marketed himself to potential employers.

You don’t have create a video like Matthew did, but you are should able to do something to get the attention of your desired organization if executed well. Put that million dollar mind of yours to work and start being creative!

7. Social networks

Following social networks can without difficulty get you jobs in Nigeria. All firms use the social media to market their merchandise and services and likewise use it for advertisement for Job vacancy. On fb, twitter and Instagram, you can see companies offering jobs and requesting applications to be submitted at their company sites or their administrative center.

You need to follow big businesses on twitter and fb to remain up to date just in case they release vacancy adverts so that you can apply instantly. The social media will help keep you updated in regards to the job offers being released into the media environment. Some firms even advertise on the radio and television. Job hunting itself is a full time job so that you ought to be prepared in every method if you really wish to get employed in Lagos.


Oyediran Mayowa

Oyediran Mayowa

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